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Lettuce - Salanova

Lettuce - Salanova

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Salanova are really cool lettuce varieties that are super easy to turn into salad greens. The way the leaves connect to the main stem means you can make a single cut and the whole heads falls apart into salad-ready bites. We grew a few varieties this year, and unfortunately didn't label them well enough to know which is which so think of this as lettuce roulette! All of the varieties are solid -- they vary a little in color, texture, and leaf shape but are all quite similar.

These are the lettuces we use for our salad mix and can't recommend enough that you buy a salad spinner and make your own mix. There is less plastic waste, the heads can hold for weeks in the fridge, and you won't end up with oxidized spots on the ends of the leaves before you eat them.

Size Notes

Heads are almost always over 1/2 lb, often closer to 1 lb.


All of our produce is sold locally. Pick-up is only available during specific windows, so please be sure to read the notes at checkout.

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